Whole House Water Filter Reviews & Comparison Chart

The performance claims and pricing found in these whole house water filter reviews and comparisons are taken directly from the Manufacturer’s literature.
BrandAquasanaEcowaterWellnessCrystal QuestCuzn
Model600,000 RhinoECWSMG-IIICQE-WH-01103WH-200B
Retail Price$1142.85$2500.00$5950.00$529.00$1595.00
Replacement Cost$928.56$2500.00$2000.00$155.00$595.00
Capacity600,000 Gallons695,000 Gallons700,000 Gallons80,000 Gallons500,000 Gallons
Estimated Life6 Years5 Years7 Years 1 Year5 Years
Replacement Filter TypeMain Filter Tank & MediaMain Filter Tank & MediaCartridgeEmpty & Refill Media
Filters ChlorineYes >97%YesYesYes>50%Yes>50%
Filters SedimentYesYesYes
Complete System Certification (NSF)YesYesNoNoNo
Needs BackflushingNoYesYesNo
Needs ElectricityNoYesYesNo
Needs DrainageNoYesYesNoNo
Satisfaction Guarantee90 Days30 Days Minus Shipping
Warranty6 Years1 Year Limited10 Year Limited Tank Only

NSF CertifiedMany other water filter systems were considered for the whole house water filter reviews supplied here but were not included because their performance claims were unfortunately either undocumented or overly exaggerated. Only performance claims that have been certified by NSF  are considered certified in the whole house water filter reviews provided.


NSF Certification for Whole House Water Filter Systems

When purchasing your whole house water filter system it is imperative that you look for NSF Certification to confirm quality and safety adherence. That way you know exactly what you are spending your hard earned money for.

NSF certification is the most difficult water filtration system certification to attain.Order Now

As a substitute for simply running a one-time check, NSF subjects the EQ-300 to rigorous quality controls and repeated inspections to assure that the EQ-300 you buy today is as good as the one which was examined in their test labs.

To avoid the high cost of testing, many water filter manufacturers will declare they have “certified components” for their whole house water filters. This only implies that the carbon, KDF and other components used within their system hadNSF Certified been individually certified.

“Certified parts” on a non-standardized filtration system proves nothing regarding the design of the system such as sufficient amount of the filtration media, proper water flow through the media, the use of high quality parts and materials to prevent the leaching of toxins,  and proper sequencing of the levels of the filtration media.

Watch out for this deceptive practice on low priced competitive whole house water filter systems. Why buy an untested imitation of the EQ-300 whole house water filter when you can own the real thing.

The whole house water filter reviews…

that are provided here will benefit you in making an informed decision when investing in a quality whole house water filter for your home.

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