Why Putting a Separate Water Filter on All Your Residence’s Faucets May Not Be Sensible

Here’s a breakdown of the approximate prices to acquire individual water filter systems inside your own home to cover most unfiltered sources. We feel you’ll quickly see how unrealistic this is, and why a better solution to have healthy water is required if you wish to defend your entire residence:

  • Sink taps – Need no less than three counter top or under counter water filters to cover your kitchen and 2 different bathroom sinks. (Most US homes have at the least 2 bathrooms)  Approximate price: $100 each x 3 = $300
  • Showers – Estimate you’ll need not less than 2 shower filters for the two showers in the typical home. Approximate cost: $75 each x 2 = $150
  • Bathtubs – Identical estimate because the variety of showers within the common US home. Estimated cost: $50 each x 2 = $100
  • Refrigerator ice-maker and water spigot – Typically 1 refrigerator per home. However, some folks do have a second unit in the garage or elsewhere. Estimated value: $50 each x 1 = $50
  • Dishwasher and Washing Machine – One of each of these is typical for many American homes. Approximate value: $50 each x 2 = $100

If you add all of these sources of unfiltered water together, the estimated total comes to $700. And this doesn’t clear up other areas that haven’t been dealt with… like the chlorine vapors which may escape into the air from your toilets… and the sheer amount of labor necessary to put in and keep individual water filters. Each separate system would need to have the filter cartridges replaced on a regular basis also.

Some people would possibly decide to simply not use that second bath for cleaning up. But primarily based on 2008 census information, close to 3 people live in a typical household.   It might be pretty tough to avoid using that second bath. I think you might agree.

Whole House Water Filter

If you want to take that next step and shield your total home, I believe you see why we don’t advocate the individual water filter method as a practical way out.


For many years of trouble free, affordable healthy filtered water your best solution is to install the fully NSF certified EQ-300 whole house water filter system in your home.

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