NSF CertificationWhy NSF Certification For Not Just the Components But the Entire Whole House Filtration System is Essential. Purchasing a whole house filtration system for your home is a big investment. You need to be completely sure that what you are buying will do exactly what the manufacturer or company claims it will do. The only way this can truly happen is through NSF certification of the entire whole house filtration system. Filters that have only NSF certified components are really open to question when it comes to claims made about any of their whole house water products. You need to know exactly what you are spending your hard-earned dollars on to make sure you are getting the best filtered water for your home and family. With NSF total system certification you will.

NSF –  The Most Demanding Certification

NSF certification is essentially the most demanding certification that a whole house filter company can achieve and will provide you with the best filtered water.

Order NowAs an alternative choice to merely running a one-time check, NSF has subjected the Aquasana Rhino  whole house filtration systems to rigorous quality controls and continual inspections for 3 years. Spot inspections are also done on a regular basis for continued assurance of product quality and integrity.  This again is done on the entire system and not just the separate components. This guarantees that the system you purchase from us is as good as the one which was examined in NSF testing laboratories.

Water Quality Association Certification

There are lots of companies that belong to the Water Quality Association. This is a trade group allowing its members the Water Quality Association certification. This certification does not fully comply with the highest standards set in the filtration industry. They do not ask for enough data from these whole house filter producers to assure valid performance claims.

Many whole house filter companies…

will declare they have “certified components” for their whole house water filters to keep away from the excessive cost of NSF testing. This only says that the carbon, KDF and different parts used inside their system had been individually certified.

“Certified components” on a non-standardized filtration system proves nothing about the design of the system such as the right quantity of the filtration media, correct water circulation through the media, the quality of the components used to assemble the system and the careful arrangement of the levels of the filtration media.

Be aware of this practice that is used throughout the industry on any low priced home water filtration systems that our competition is putting on the market. Why spend your hard earned money on an unproven reproduction of the Aquasana Rhino when you can own the real thing.

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