Bottled WaterI find it astonishing how things have changed in our civilization these days because as a youngster I didn’t see anything like bottled water for consumption. When you bought a beverage the greatest choice available was pop. The all-important choice was whether to buy it in a returnable bottle or can. Today stores are loaded with an assortment of bottled water that are now available in an assortment of delicious flavors to choose from.
The greatest benefit I’ve seen in having  bottled water is the fact that it is extremely handy. It’s a lot easier to grab a ready to go bottled water when you’re in a big hurry instead of standing around waiting to fill up glass.

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Bottled Water
With bottled water in hand you can take it along with you in your car and not have to be concerned about an open container spilling liquid everywhere. And now with the ability to rehydrate without worrying about wasting time and effort, you’ll probably end up taking in more throughout your day, which will make you feel much better in the long run.
Why would someone start purchasing bottled water when it costs up to $5.00 a gallon? Many individuals just don’t like the taste of chlorinated municipal water that comes out of their homes faucet. Research has also been done which alert individuals that the drinking water in some areas may be laden with chemicals.
Bottled Water

Everyone has also started becoming more concerned about drinking more liquid each day. Some reports suggest that you should have a least 8 glasses each day. When you would see somebody drinking this amount of water in past it was usually thought that they were trying to lose some weight. Most weight loss programs included the 8 glasses of water with their programs way before it was common with the rest of the world. When I think about it now it seems people have gone a little crazy with the bottled water though.

Just see how many people are carrying a bottled water…
with them next time you’re out and about. It’s everywhere you look. At the office a lot of people take it into meetings with them. They also have it at their desks and in their cars. It’s not uncommon to find workers at our office refilling their containers multiple times from the cooler that we have in the company break room. For some individuals it appears that the bottled water has become a way to feel a little more secure. It’s kind of like holding a drink at a party.
On the one hand bottled water bottles being refilled is great because it shows that people are interested in reusing and recycling. On the other hand studies have proven that these refilled bottles become the prefect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. This eventually means the bottled water you’re drinking could be far unhealthier for you than the water coming straight from the faucet.