Since the 40’s and 50’s America has had fluoride in water

Fluoride in WaterBack then it was believed fluoride had to be swallowed to be effective. Modern research has debunked this belief.  Fluoride is actually most effective when it applied directly to your teeth by a dentist or dental hygienist. So why is there still fluoride in water after all these years?

Consider this, fluoride in water does not improve the quality or safety by any means. That is one of the reasons why most European countries have rejected the use of fluoride in water. They’ve also stated that water should not be a delivery method for medicinal treatment (treating tooth decay).

It’s unfortunate to note that the individuals that are at greatest risk consuming fluoride in water are infants. Two years ago the American Dental Association recommended that parents not give babies water containing fluoride. Other dental researchers have issued these warnings for the past decade. Dental fluorosis is a high-risk problem for babies that consume fluoride in water. A medical journal called The Lancet stated that fluoride might damage developing brain cells, which could cause learning deficits and other problems.Order Now

Not only are babies at risk but also anyone who regularly consumes fluoride in water. Here are five scientifically researched risks that water fluoridation poses.

1. As with babies fluoride poses a risk to your brain. Human studies have shown effects on IQ. It is especially more prominent in people who eat a poor diet.

2. The NRC has called fluoride an endocrine disruptor. If you have a diet low in iodine it does pose a risk to your thyroid.

3. The NRC also stated that fluoride weakens bones increasing fracture risks.

4. There is a link to fluoride and osteosarcoma, which is a serious form of bone cancer.

5. People with kidney problems have difficulty eliminating fluoride and toxic levels can build up in the bones causing even more issues.

The benefits that fluoride in water…

supposedly provides have been for the most part over-exaggerated. It has been shown that there is no difference in the amount of tooth decay between countries that fluoridate their water and ones that don’t. Tooth decay does not increase when water fluoridation ends.

If the entire once believed benefits of fluoride in water have been proven wrong why are we still being duped into thinking it is something that is necessary, something we take for granted?

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Obviously municipal water supplies in the United States still add fluoride in water. They probably aren’t going to change this any time soon if at all. If you are concerned about the quality of your drinking water and want to be proactive you can do something about it. Purchase a high quality whole house water filter for your home that will remove up to 60% of the fluoride in water and a host of other chemicals that are harmful and present in your tap water.