KDFIf you’re not familiar with the acronym KDF your probably wondering what is, what will it do for me, and why do I need it? Read on my friend to find out what KDF can do to improve your water filter. You’ll be glad you did!

KDF is a registered trade mark process media that uses dis-similar metals to remove contaminants from your water. The metals are copper and zinc and they produce what is called an oxidation/reduction process to effectively remove heavy metals such as iron, lead, and mercury.

One of the main benefits of KDF is the removal of dissolved iron in the water. Iron can do severe damage to your household plumbing. KDF turns the dissolved iron back into a solid and then the medium filters out the iron before it can have its damaging effects.

Municipal water treatment facilities use a chemical called polyphosphate to treat the iron found in water. Laundry detergent manufacturers were banned from using this chemical many years ago yet it is still used liberally to treat the municipal water you drink and bathe in. KDF could be used as a replacement for this harsh chemical, be much more effective, and save the taxpayer and the municipality a lot of money in the long run.

Another chemical present in your water is hydrogen sulfide. The stuff that can give your water that rotten egg smell. But the stink isn’t the only offender. Hydrogen sulfide is highly corrosive and will deteriorate your homes plumbing. KDF is amazingly effective in removing hydrogen sulfide from your homes water.

KDF is Bacteriostatic

This is extremely important since the water that sits inside your filter is a fantastic breeding ground for bacteria. All water filters need to be have a bacteriostatic agent such as KDF as a safeguard since bacteria will eventually start to grow and multiply inside of them. Without a bacteriostat like KDF your water filters usable life would be shortened considerably.

KDF has been used for many years…

in home drinking water filters and shower filters. When used in conjunction with granular activated carbon you get a one two punch that will remove hundreds of volatile toxic chemicals and contaminants from your homes water that carbon or KDF alone couldn’t touch.

You can find KDF in counter top water filters, under sink water filters, shower filters,  and whole house water filters such as the Aquasana Rhino. Make sure when you are looking for a home water filter that it has KDF as part of the filtering media.