Most tap and well water contain moderate to high levels of contamination resulting from industrial and environmental pollution. Water sources, be it a lake, river, or well provide some percentages of contamination. These contaminants include both naturally occurring minerals and man-made chemicals or byproducts. Water on the surface is exposed to acid rain, runoff water, pesticides or industrial waste. Water from the wells is exposed to disease-causing pathogens, hazardous household products, agricultural chemicals and septic systems. Although the majority of the contaminants are not likely to cause chronic health problems, effects can be felt after prolonged exposure to the contaminant.

Untreated water is a common source of concern in most households. This is why the whole house water filter system is the most convenient water filter systems because it is installed directly in the main water line. Therefore, it filters all contaminants in the water; whether laundry water, bathroom or kitchen water.  Installing the whole house water filter system guarantees your household the following benefits:

Get clean and filtered water from all water sources in the house.

Filter chlorine and other chemicals as soon as they enter the plumbing system, thus prolonging the life of household pipes and appliances.

Since it removes chlorine and the other contaminating chemicals from washing water, it means these chemicals cannot be embedded in your clothing. Meaning you enjoy softer, brighter and longer-lasting clothing.

When chlorine is removed from dishwashing water, it prevents releasing of chlorine vapors into the air and reduces soap scum being left on dishes.

A whole house filter greatly enhances the overall health of drinking water.

Filtered water means no impurities are released into the house; this translates to a healthier environment thus alleviating the effects of asthma and allergies.

A whole house filter filters water at low temperatures and facilitates the removal of contaminates. This makes it the only truly effective shower filter.

It ensures protection against carcinogenic effects of drinking and inhaling chlorine and some other dangerous chemicals.

The whole house filters guarantee protection in case of a breakdown in the municipal water treatment and sanitation systems

While water from the municipal system is treated, it still exposes your household to some contaminants. Whole house water filters guarantee your household that extra protection in all water outlet of your house. If you need this water filter installed in your home, are ready to help you. We have several years of expertise in quality filtration systems. Contact us today.