Salt Free Water Softener for Your Entire Home

The SimplySoft Whole House Water Softening System

The SimplySoft is a highly effective maintenance and salt free water softener system to protect your homes plumbing and appliances. Click here to place your order now.

Protects Your Entire Home

Iron, calcium, magnesium and other minerals are your plumbing system and appliances worst nightmare. The harder your water the worse the problem is. Protect and extend the life of your appliances and plumbing fixtures without having to use harsh chemicals or salt.

Environmentally Friendly and Highly Effective

Your average water softner uses ancient and enviromentally toxic technology – salt. It pollutes the environment and costs you extra time and money in buying and lugging heavy bags of salt around. Old school softeners also remove the beneficial minerals from your water which your body uses and needs. Our salt-free system leaves the healthy minerals in yet gives you the beneficial effects of softened water.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Using what is called SCM (scale control media) our softening technology naturally and safely reduces corrosion and mineral scaling in your homes pluming and appliances all with out using any harsh chemicals of sodium. This proven system prevents the hardness minerals from binding together and forming the scale buildup.

Pretty Close to Maintenance Free

Buying and lugging heavy bags of salt are now a thing of the past with our salt free softening system. The systems are designed to last 6 years and are very easy to replace. You also don’t need any electricity or a drain to handle a system having to be backwashed.