Shopping for an under counter water filter can be confusing, I know from personal experience. But, if you know what to look for, you can find under counter water filters that will help protect your family’s health, without taking anything away from your family’s budget.

Actually, if you’re currently drinking bottled water, an efficient under counter water filter can help you save about a thousand dollars a year. Try putting the money that you would normally spend on bottled in a piggy bank or your savings account. You’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up.


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But, if you fall for the advertising hype and buy one of those expensive under counter water filters that include a reverse osmosis step, you won’t save a dime. I was considering one by Ever-Pure that cost nearly $800.

I never even got to the cost of replacement cartridges, because I learned that RO is an unnecessary step. The salespeople try to tell you that RO is the best and of course, that’s their job. But, we don’t have to believe everything that the salespeople tell us. Do we?

If you live in a rural area or have a questionable source, you could need a reverse osmosis step. But, the Ever-Pure under counter water filter that I was looking at are designed for homeowners with “pre-treated” water, in other words, those of us serviced by a public utility.

If you fall into that category, as I do, you need to remove chlorine, THMs, VOCs, lead and cysts. But, in my opinion, if they can make one that removes other cancer-causing chemicals and traces of prescription drugs, without costing me a fortune, then I’ll buy it.

The Ever-Pure under counter water filter…

reduces all of those things, but it only reduces lead to the “federal action level”. If my local treatment facility cannot reduce lead to below the federal action level, then they have to do something about it.

What I want to remove is those tiny traces of lead that are “below” the federal action level. I have kids and I care about my future health. According to the experts, there is “no” safe level of lead consumption, because it builds up in the body over time.

I learned that only under counter water filters that include an ion exchange step will reduce lead by 99% or better. I had been told that reverse osmosis was the only way to remove cysts, but I visited the website for the Environmental Protection Agency and learned that a submicron particle filter will also remove cysts.

So, I began to look for an under counter water filter that was certified to filter down to one micron and also included an ion exchange step. I knew that under counter water filters with a carbon block would remove chlorine and other chemicals, as well as THMs and VOCs.

I found an under counter water filter that included all of those steps and cost less than $150. So, I got the best quality under counter water filter for the best price and you can, too.