What Constitutes Healthy Water and Why Should You Drink It?

Most people are becoming aware of the fact that water from their homes tap is not healthy water.

healthy waterLaden with mandatory chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride and other toxic chemicals introduced by mans seeming inability to be good stewards of our planet, our consumable water supply is becoming less and less conducive for good health.

So leave it to corporate America to come up with a highly profitable solution, bottled water. Now if you believe this is a solution you have not done your research. The fact is a bare minimum of 35% of bottled water is filled with a very unhealthy chemical soup including BPA, dioxins, bacteria and petrol just to name a few. Most of this bottled water is made by a process which is called reverse osmosis which leaves the water highly acidic as well. Not what you would call healthy water in the least.

Our bodies are up to 75% water and its cells function best in an alkaline environment of between a ph level of 7.3 to 7.4. Since all bodily processes such as breathing and digestion produce an acidic state in the body they need an appropriate source, i.e. healthy water in an alkaline state, to flush out these toxins. If you are drinking reverse osmosis filtered water you are defeating this purpose.

Aquasana water filters leave in the good minerals and take out the toxic chemicals that have found their way into our water. You get a water that is healthy and ph balanced to promote good healthy for you and your family. Do not compromise your health, start drinking healthy water from an Aquasana water filter today.

Healthy Water